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I'm an Experienced, Trustworthy, Christian Trial Lawyer & Ordained Minister Devoted To Winning Your Case Who Cares, Prays And Fights For You-

When seeking legal representation, it is important that you find someone who is not only effective at her job, but understands you and where you are coming from. I understand that there's a lot on the line when facing a legal crisis, and that it can feel embarrassing to lay out all of your personal issues before an attorney and judge. If you hire me, you can be assured that I won't judge you, but will be by your side to help you navigate through tDanahe storm. I am not only an experienced, agressive trial lawyer, but I am also anordained minister and effective prayer warrior - who believes in and stands upon God's Word. If you hire me, together we will pray and ask God for divine strategies to solve your problem, and win your case. We will stand in faith for God to move in your situation. I have seen many miracles in my client's cases and the courtroom, and we will pray for God to do the same for your and your situation. Matthew 7:7 states, "Keep on asking and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you.

If your case looks hopeless to you, don't give up yet. God still has one more move!

I am Dana Reece, founder of Dana Reece Law Firm, LLC, in Little Rock, Arkansas. I am also an ordained minister with an MBA, and former legal commentator for KARK-TV, Little Rock. A client recently described me as an "exceptional person and great attorney." I have offered faith-based representation to people in Arkansas since 1987. I represent individuals across the state in family law, child custody disputes, alimony and spousal support, divorce, and cases involving domestic violence and neglect. I also handle criminal defense matters, including felony and misdemeanorcriminal cases in federal, state and district courts. I also handle cases regarding state and federal post-conviction relief, federal trial practice, juvenile law, white collar crime, all violent and nonviolent crimes, including homicide, sex crimes and drug crimes, and executive clemency, pardons, and probation and parole revocation hearings.

I am devoted to integrity, compassion, excellence and winning your case. My clients have assessed my strengths as being knowledgeable, caring, appropriate, sensible, highly intelligent, quick to anticipate the opponent and a super negotiator with a positive attitude, who is skilled at perusing documentation and discerning content accurately, and discerning hidden agendas, venues and reasons behind the actions of others.

I understand how seriously your life can be affected when facing legal problems, and I have been very successful in either keeping my clients out of prison altogether or mitigating their sentences so they receive a lesser charge than what they originally faced. I feel blessed to have the ability to be an excellent strategist and negotiator, which has been vital to my success. I also feel blessed to have an excellent rapport with prosecutors and judges across the state, which is a necessary and vital element of successfully representing my clients.

Throughout my life and career, I have pursued excellence, wisdom and justice. I believe in the word of God and the Holy Spirit and care about my clients and their families. I understand the difference between right and wrong and always aim to do what is best for them.

If you hire me, I will listen to you carefully, and we will also pray together for God's wisdom, strategy and direction in preparing a plan for your representation - as the power is in the plan. My goal and mission is to win your case and leave you in the best position possible. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." - James 5:6

"Retain me as your lawyer, and I will care, pray and fight for you and your family." - Little Rock family law and criminal defense attorney Dana Reece

A Family Focus In Legal Services | Christian Divorce Attorney In Pulaski County And Beyond

A major portion of my professional focus is on family law, particularly in the areas of divorce, child custody and visitation. I can represent you faithfully in court and in negotiations for terms of your divorce, visitation for your children, and financial matters involving child support, alimony and division of property. Other specific situations in which I assist clients include adoption, paternity, prenuptial agreements, child maltreatment and domestic violence (civil charges).

I have lengthy experience in brokering simple, uncontested divorce settlements as well as complicated, contested divorce trials. I am also a skilled negotiator who keeps her eyes on the prize in times of conflict. I am efficient, and I seek practical, workable and durable solutions. As your Little Rock family law attorney, I will always represent you with your goals and your family's needs at heart.

Excellence In Criminal Defense Representation

My other professional focus is on criminal law. I believe every person who is accused of a crime deserves a solid criminal defense. I work tirelessly on behalf of clients accused of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

If you are suspected of or have been charged with a crime, I will exhaust all options available to you in state or federal court. I am comfortable in pursuing federal appeals of convictions, and I have a track record of successfully defending clients in serious crimes, including murder, sex crimes and drug cases. Specific crimes for which I defend clients include traffic violations and nonviolent crimes, including burglary and theft. I also defend clients accused of violent crimes, including assault, sexual assault, domestic assault, armed robbery and homicide. I also represent juveniles who face charges in juvenile proceedings and as adults in criminal courts.

Clients may also count on my services in probation and parole matters, including revocation of probation or parole. Further, I assist clients in obtaining pardons and executive clemency after being convicted of serious crimes.

My Promise To Listen, Counsel And Represent You

In all situations, I bring my skills and knowledge earned over a quarter century as a lawyer, as well as my impeccable legal credentials. I am respected by judges and opposing attorneys for my dedication and devotion to my work, the legal system and the clients I serve. Above all, I put my faith in God, who is the ultimate judge of us all.

I will listen to your concerns, counsel you on your rights and options, and develop a strategy designed to reach your goals. When possible, I will seek to negotiate a resolution to your legal matter in order to save you money, time and emotional turmoil. However, I do not hesitate to litigate when necessary. Retain me as your attorney, and I will use my skills and experience to discover and present the evidence in the best light for your circumstances.

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